The biggest carp ever seen in the UK has died.

Big Rig, which once weighed 71lb 4oz, perished after spawning at the Avenue in Shropshire.

Tom Doherty was the first to catch Big Rig, at 69lb 3oz

The fish was never ratified by the British Record Fish Committee as an official record because it had been transferred from a stock pond to the syndicate venue at a high weight.

However, it was twice caught at a weight above the official record of 68lb 1oz.

Fishery boss Rob Hales said: “That’s the down side of fishery management.

“We only lost one fish, which was unfortunately Big Rig.

Rob Hales, whose aim was to grow a record carp

“It was definitely spawning related, but as I said to the syndicate she was the biggest and very likely the oldest.”

Rob, who always stated his aim was to nurture a British record, said all is not lost.

He added: “However, from her successful spawning the previous summer, we are growing approx 5,000 of her babies, which are now the biggest one-year-old carp I have ever seen.

“I think the Avenue will produce another new 60 this season with Sweet cheeks and at least three new 50s with Sharkbite, the Cream Fish and the Dustbin, and several others, very close behind.

“The highs and lows of running fisheries.”

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