The Environment Agency has announced details of its new rod-licence pricing structure, which will come into effect from 1st April 2017. Here are the details of the prices:

– (New) Three-rod licence – £45

– Standard rod licence (covering up to two rods) – £30, set for at least three years.
(Previous price for the past seven years – £27)

– Concessionary licence – £20 (Previous price – £18)

– One-day licence – £6 (Previous price – £3.75)

– Eight-day licence – £12 (Previous price £10)

For the first time since rod licences were introduced, the new annual licences will run for 365 days from the date of purchase.

30 responses to “Environment Agency’s new rod-licence pricing structure..”

  1. Standard for me but it is handy having the 3 rod option incase its needed. I don’t mind the price going up either, everything else does and it was the same for years.

  2. Where I live the canal and rivers trust have netted miles of free canal fishing and moved them to club water stretches where 5 QUID a rod is inforce, The local river only contains brown trout and the odd chub. The canal and rivers trust are susposed to promote angling for all not spoil it for future generations, where the money goes from our licence fees is like a post code lottery, it does not do much for where I LIVE. I would like to see more re-stocking locally after polution incidents and not money spent elsewhere in richer areas(down south).

  3. Seems to be a lot of disgruntled folk about. I only fish one rod as I mainly match fish. The price increase was bound to happen as it’s been £27 since I started fishing. If you need 4 rods then you’re probably a bit crap and you should take up golf where, incidentaly, the cost of an annual membership will be roughly £800.

  4. Can’t make everyone happy haha.
    The fisheries I visit, I pay for 2 rods and more often than not just use the one, again the changes in my opinion are welcomed.

  5. Everyone moaned for a 3rd rod option instead instead of buying 2 for 2 now everyone is bitching. come on its still value for money. You would spend more on bait for a weekend!!! .

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