Eric’s Willows is home to the best carp stock in the North and one of the best stocks in the country.

At 25 acres in size, the gravel pit was initially established as an exclusive syndicate before being changed to a day ticket fishery in May 2013 in order to fund other development projects in the area. Set in lower Mexborough Estates, the lake is home to a diverse variety of wildlife as a result of the careful management undertaken in partnership with local authorities; this has resulted in the optimum environment for carp to thrive, proven in the stock that is now present.

The current stock stands in excess of 350 fish from several prestigious suppliers with the lake record standing at an impressive 58lb which is a new Yorkshire record and also possibly the Northern record. This specimen is supported by 16 different forties to 49lb 8oz and over 50 different thirties subject to seasonality. The initial stockings took place in 2005-2006 when all fish introduced were C3’s with an average weight of just 5lb. The significant weight increases seen since is due in no small part to the diverse range of aquatic invertebrates providing a rich and abundant natural food source. Unfortunately the weed that is present at certain times of year is a necessary evil in providing this ideal natural environment, and although some anglers may find this more challenging we have provided you with the means to fish with complete confidence even when the weed is at its worst.

Additional Info

Lake Size25 acres
FacilitiesTackle Shop
Type of FishCarp up to 58lb
RulesMaximum of 3 rods can be used. All landing nets, weigh slings, unhooking mats and water buckets are provided. Under any circumstances do not use your own.
Night TicketYes
Season TicketYes
Cost Our prices are as follows: One-time-only lifetime registration fee – £50 Friday/Saturday £30 per 24 hours Sunday – Thursday £25 per 24 hours Sunday to Friday Five Night Special (only available june to end of october) – £100 by calling only. We also run a winter ticket which runs from 1st November – 28th February and is priced at £125 and is available to existing members. This allows unlimited fishing during this 4 month period and is therefore cost effective. The price for non winter ticket holder during this time is £15 per 24 hours.

Erics Willows Lake is located close to the town of Methley in West Yorkshire LS26 9AH. We do not give out the exact location to anyone other than registered members as we do not allow anyone to view/look around the lake without permission.

If you would like to arrange a lake viewing please contact us and we will see what we can do.


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