Jon McAllisters drive and survive carp fishing lake in the Champagne region of Northeastern France.

•240 miles, 3.5 hours from Calais.
•Totally fenced and secure.
•Parking access to ALL the swims.
•Mens and ladies showers/toilets.
•24/7 on site English bailiff.
•Beautiful countryside setting.
•1/4 mile to local supermarket and tabac.
•3 miles to town with everything you will ever need including petrol garages, McDonalds and large supermarkets.
•Permanent brick built BBQ’s and benches around the lake.

Additional Info

Lake Size31.6 acres
Type of FishCarp
Rules1) NO leadcore, NO leaders what so ever. 2) Pellet and particles can only be used if purchased on site. 3) Maximum 3 rods. 4) Strictly NO unattended rods. 5) Drop off lead systems must be used at ALL times. 6) NO braided main line, NO braided leaders (Braid can only be used for marker rod and spod or spomb rods). 7) 15lb minimum breaking strain monofiliment mainline MUST BE USED! 8) ALL fish must be treated with a fish care antiseptic. 9) NO litter, NO cigarette buts!!! 11) NO open fires. 12) NO disposable BBQ's. Proper metal ones on legs are permitted. There are permanent BBQ's on site. 13) NO boats, NO inflatables! Baitboats are permitted, but we do not supply them. 14) NO swimming!!! 15) NO dogs. 16) Fishing is ONLY permitted from numbered swims. 18) NO Drugs, NO heavy drinking, NO shouting or general behaviour that will offend the serious angler. 19) Swims to be kept clean and tidy at all times! Boat available on site for snagged fish but is only EVER to be used whilst the onsite bailiff is in the boat with you!! Only one person at a time is allowed in the boat with the bailiff (life jackets MUST be worn at all times: Etang De Berniere does not accept responsibility for any accidents, personal injury or loss of life).
Night TicketN/A
Season TicketN/A
Cost £350/angler/week


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