Etang de Cherry is a 55 acre lake set in a 100 acre plot but don’t be daunted by the size as there’s a 3 acre island in the middle that acts as a carp ’round-about’ meaning all anglers can fish to the island and the carp won’t shoal up in one spot! There are 15 swims of which 7 are doubles giving the angler plenty of choice if wishing to stalk or move swims. Please see Lake Map for more details. There is a purpose built gravel track that runs all the way around the lake meaning you can park behind your swim in comfort although unless wishing to move off site for touring or supplies we ask that your vehicle remains parked behind your swim throughout your stay and that if moving your vehicle for any reason you stick to the track.

What makes this venue unique is the fish growth due to the depths of the water. Ranging from 4ft to 9ft over a large expanse of water means the water temperature remains warmer for longer thus extending both the fishing and growing season. The grounds are kept as natural as possible leaving just gravel around each picturesque swim allowing you set up in comfort and remain ‘Mud-Free’! There are gullies, plateaus and carp-cleared gravel spots throughout the lake giving plenty of choice for each and every style of carp fishing. The island sits at range being a minimum of 120 yards from the bank through to 220 yards from certain swims. All accessible by bait boats and rowing boats. Only a fool would discard fishing the margins, gravel bars and patrol routes that sit between your swim and the island so Ignore this at your peril!

We only allow 12 anglers to fish Etang de Cherry per week unless the lake has been booked exclusively, as where you may have up to a maximum of 14 anglers in your party. This venue has been offered at an extremely low cost to its anglers in order to make European carp angling affordable. No further discounts are offered. If you wish to book the lake exclusively and you have a maximum of 14 anglers, then you will be charged 14 x £250. If however you wish to book the lake exclusively for a party of 8 anglers, then you will be charged the full swim price of 12 anglers x £250.

Additional Info

Lake Size55 Acre
Type of FishCarp 58lb +
Night TicketYes
Cost Exclusive Private Lake Booking £3,000 Up to 12 Anglers – 50% paid in advance on booking and 50% balance paid on arrival at venue (If wishing to book up to 14 Anglers, please book the Exclusive Lake Booking fee at £3000 and contact us after you have booked for up to 2 extra anglers at £250 per angler. Single Angler Booking £250 Swim Draw on arival – Up to 12 Single Anglers – 50% paid in advance and 50% balance paid on arrival at venue


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