The Main Lake is the place to chase monsters and realise your dream of holding a carp that is almost too heavy to lift!

The stocking and management of this lake has been conducted in a no compromise style designed with one outcome in mind: the creation of the finest big carp water in the UK.

The Main Lake comprises 18 acres of scientifically-managed water, with depths ranging from three to 18 feet. Features include numbers of gravel bars, a large island, and lush marginal growth.

Many of the comfortable, woodchipped swims are large enough for two anglers, and have been carefully positioned to give each occupant their own area of water.

Our stock of fish in the Main Lake is very well documented; we are not one of those waters that claims to have big fish but cannot provide good, recent photographic evidence! Every catch is recorded in the Catch Log and this enables us to keep very accurate tabs on the growth and number of our fish.

The documented stock of upper 30s and 40s is increasing all the time, with some fish gaining in excess of five pounds in a single year. This is the result of an extremely rich environment, something we have scientifically cultivated over many years.

Additional Info

Type of FishCarp 50lb+
Season TicketYes
Cost Full-year membership - £695


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