Developed on the site of fields previously used to grow cauliflowers, Hillview Lakes offers a total of five acres of water on an eight acre site. Owner, Keith Hill, dug the first lakes, Moorhen and Heron, in 1990 and started work on Canals One and Two eight years later to cater for the increasing demand in match angling. He then dug Canals Three and Four in 2000. Also situated on the site is a garden nursery specialising in growing summer plants, and up to 1,200 hanging baskets per year. Keith has also developed an aquatics centre where visitors can purchase garden pond fish including Koi Carp, goldfish and other ornamental varieties.

Additional Info

Type of FishCarp, goldfish and other ornamental varieties.
RulesNo Keep Nets Barbless Hooks Steralised Kit
Cost £70 per room per night with breakfast Bed only - £60 per night room only Fishing price of £6 for B&B CUSTOMERS ONLY per day


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