Myths Pool Fishery is a brand new Premier Day Ticket set to open at the end of the Month,
Set in the beautiful and peaceful village of stock Essex.

There are two fish currently over 40lb backed up with 30s 20s and doubles to keep you occupied whilst taking in the sheer beauty of the venue and every single one is a stunning sample of scale perfection.

Additional Info

Lake Size2.7 acres
Type of Fishcarp
RulesMyths Pool Fishery Rules 1. All gates on the fishery to be locked and closed, especially gate to lake, this is to prevent any unwanted Predators (otters or mink) 2. Fishing only from designated swims. 3. There is to be no litter of any kind to be left on the venue this includes cigarette butts, please take all your litter home with you. 4. Cars to be parked in car park only, Myths Pool Fishery accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicles left on the fishery. 5. All fish captures must be returned to the water as soon as possible. 6. No Carp sacks are allowed 7. No Keep Nets are allowed 8. All anglers fishing must use the Nets, Weigh Slings, & Cradles provided by Myths Pool Fishery this is to help with the prevention or spread of KHV. 9. All hooks to be of the Barbed type (No Barbless) 10. No Bent Hooks 11. No Braided Mainline 12. Minimum 12bs line 13. All fishing rigs are subject to checks from bailiffs to ensure they are fish friendly. 14. No Boats or Bait Boats. 15. No fixed lead rigs to be used 16. No Peanuts or Preserved baits allowed (excluding hook baits) 17. No unaccompanied juniors (under 18years) 18. No guests 19. No rods to be left unattended under any circumstances. 20. Anglers must be in possession of current EA Rod Licence. 21. Anglers must be in possession of membership card at all times and produce on request by bailiffs. 22. No swimming or wading. 23. No firearms or air guns allowed on the venue. 24. No fires are allowed on the venue Please read and familiarise yourself with the above rules Thank You Myths Pool Fishery
Night Ticketyes
Season Ticketno
Cost 2 rods 12 hours £20


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