Poppleton lakes consists of 6 lakes on the outskirts of York.
The lakes are House lake No 1 which has 25 pegs and is of the snake design and has plenty of features to fish to all pegs are of hard standing and are with in easy reach of the ample car park.
House lake No2 is a mirror image of lake No1 also with 25 pegs but will not be open to anglers until 2007.
The Doughnut lake is the next lake on the complex just past the owners bungalow, this also has 25 pegs which is got to by crossing a man made bridge.
The Railway lake is next up and furthest away from the car parks this also has 25 pegs and has one long central island approx 13 Mtrs away from all pegs a pole fishermans dream.
The Horse Shoe lake has 31 pegs in total and the middle section is 16 Mtrs from one bank and 22 Mtrs from the other, there are pegs down the middle section, this lake holds some of the lakes biggest residents.
Then we come to the final lake on the complex The Speci Pond where day and night fishing is allowed(nights to be booked in advance) you have to step up your gear in this lake and use your common sense, the owner is always at hand to help out with any queries.
If you need to book matches the owner needs a minimum of 10 this suits some smaller clubs, clubs who book a series of 4 matches get a fifth match free of charge, ideal for your fur and feather later in the year.
All lakes contain all species of carp(common,mirror,ghost, crucian) roach, chub, perch,bream,tench and also barbel in the Horseshoe and speci pond.
The toilets are inside the cafe, where they do breakfasts and butties etc, only at the weekend and when matches are on, they also sell a small ammount of bait pellets etc.
All baits work well here and the fish respond to constant feeding, best areas are to follow the wind and don’t ignore the margins.

Additional Info

Type of FishCarp
Night TicketYes
Cost £6 per day £5 after 3p.m Concessions £5. Night fishing to be booked in advance £10 for 12hrs


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  1. I’m taking it from the pictures on the welcome sign that these are “ancient estate lakes, formerly in the grounds of Poppleton Monestry. Some of the fish are over 50 years old & are from the original strain bred by the monks to feed the local community”.

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