A Jewel in the crown of day ticket carp fishing.

Sandhurst Lake needs no introduction as it has fast become well known due to the fantastic day ticket fishing it provides. Very few day ticket waters give you the chance of a 40lb carp but the Sandhurst venue record currently stands at 44lb with several more fish over the 40lb mark. It is a relatively shallow lake with depths from 2 to 10ft, with an average of approximately 5ft. There is one island from which fishing is permitted, and numerous sand bars and features that can be easily located from a choice of more than 30 swims. The fishery also offers secure parking with friendly and approachable bailiffs.

It’s no surprise that Yateley Sandhurst has been attracting anglers from across the country for many years and will continue for many years to come. Planned developments such as improving swims, paths and site facilities will see this fishery remain as one of the best day ticket fisheries in the country. Improvements such as stock management and tree work will enabled the resident carp of this awesome day ticket water to go forward and gain further size and girth to provide you, the angler with a challenge of beating your current personal best carp.

Within this website you will find a multitude of information such as, our rules, catch reports, how to find us, and a great gallery section. Take time to browse through each of the pages of our website making sure you view the galleries pages which display some of the most fantastic looking fish you will find anywhere.

Additional Info

Lake Size14 Acres
Type of FishCarp up to 44lb
RulesThree rods are allowed per angler, Barbed hooks only, NO Bait Boats.
Night TicketYes
Season TicketNo
Cost £30 for 24hrs


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