Turners Pool is a great water for beginners and experts a like, the water is teaming with carp average size between 3lb and 7lb. Great little water to build up anyone’s confidence I have never visited the venue and blanked, well worth a visit.
The overflow peg always produces well, or on a hot day the far peg in the bottom corner has always been a busy day hauling. The cost to fish is just £8 per day. Please note no night fishing is allowed at this venue.

From Byron Lane travel to the end you will come to a junction on a bend, turn left at the Fourways Motel, turn right and go past the Ship Inn pub and also a trout farm, go over the first bridge. You will go past a Victorian house on the left just before a sharp right hand bend go over the second bridge then take the next left turn, then next right. You should now pick up the sign for Turners Pool

Additional Info

Type of FishCarp, Roach and Bream to 4lb, Crucian carp, Mirror and Commons.
Cost Day ticket 7


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