As a long time carp angler I have a strong belief of what a carp syndicate should and shouldn’t be and have incorporated these ideas into the Deepings syndicate, a well run fishery based on a benign dictatorship with practical and sensible rules which the members don’t have to agree with but do have to adhere to. Over the 11 years the syndicate has been running very little has changed in regard to the rules or running of the syndicate which I believe confirms their effectiveness. Membership is by invitation only and is in the main taken from the existing membership of 2 & 3 or on personal recommendation. The membership fee’s are on a reducing cost basis to discourage the fish at any cost brigade and encourage long term members who want to enjoy uncomplicated, friendly fishing in a pleasant environment.

Additional Info

Type of Fishmirror carp
RulesNo fish over 3lb to be taken No litter No wading or swimming


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