NOW A DAY TICKET WATER OFFERING OUTSTANDING CATCHES ALONGSIDE SAFE FRIENDLY FACILITIES !! (2014)This extremely well established and a very picturesque venue dating back more than 200 years. Located on the edge of Horsham’s St Leonard’s forest deep in the West Sussex countryside, this fine carp fishery is renowned throughout the UK carp fraternity for its monstrous inhabitants, some of which run to over 40lbs. With several 30lb & many more 20lbders in reserve giving many competent carper’s 100lb catch sessions.


The lake itself varies in depth from around 5 feet in the margins, dropping off to around 15 feet in the middle, giving several ledges and patches. There are plenty of features to fish to with an abundance of reed beds, islands, along with the added floating islands.

Whitevane fisheries tactics have been the subject of much debate and always will be, but it seems that the majority of fish are caught on fresh boilies fished tight to the features! However beds of particle and or rolled oats with hemp topped with hook-baits including plastics have their place here too.

Whitevane like most good southern specimen waters does get busy, but with 20 spacious pegs on the lake you can always find somewhere especially if you don’t mind ‘spooks corner’, a much neglected corner of the lake where bobbins aren’t the only thing to go bump in the night. The ‘white lady’ reportedly walks her dog after dark around that corner of the lake, which is enough to keep some of the more easily spooked anglers at the other end of this truly stunning open ten acre specimen carp water !!

Additional Info

Type of FishCarp Up to 40lb
Night TicketYes
Cost DAY TICKET. 7AM — 7PM 3 RODS NO DISCOUNT FOR REDUCED HOURS Monday to Friday £25 Weekends and Bank Holidays £25 OVERNIGHT SESSIONS. AS FROM 1ST AUGUST 2016 IT WILL INCREASE FROM £35 TO £40 FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS AND THEN THE PRICE REMAINS THE SAME AT £30 PER 24 HOURS THEREAFTER 24 hours £40 (3 rods) 36 hours £55 48 hours £70 72 hours £100 5 nights £160



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