Why Us

Why should you use us?.

That’s a question :-).

The Website.

The website offers a range of options for you to list your business. You can put in as little or as much information as you wish. You can enter contact details, there’s a map so your customers know your exact location, along with a directions tab so they are shown how to get to you. There’s a number of social media link boxes so viewers can easily find your social media pages. We have phone number and email boxes so your customers can call or enquire via mail. A link box to your website if you have one is there and if you happen to have a video of your business on you tube for example, you can paste a direct link into the Description box and it will show :-). As far as the structure goes users can refine the results and search and find your business very easily. It takes a lot of the work away from the user having to navigate through many pages making their experience so much better.

Social Media.

Well we offer a service that is unique. Not only do we have a very large membership on the site, we have the two largest Used Tackle selling Facebook groups in the world. Yes it’s true, no gimmicks, no false claims. Click on the following links to take a look Fishing Gear Sale & Swap Shop, Carp Fishing Tackle and Bait. We also have the largest Carp Fishing Venues group on Facebook. Carp Fishing Venues.

We also to save you time have an auto-posting service. Our software picks a random ad from the website listings and re-posts it into the three groups at a set interval. This keeps your business in the groups spotlight which means it will not get lost down the group listings or hidden behind pages never to be looked at that you see on many other websites. You are also welcome if you wish to join the groups and bump the ad at your leisure.

If you have any questions or suggestions even, please use the contact us tabs above and we will get back to you.